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Massage Melbourne – Why We Need It & What’s Accomplished?

Stressed muscles block oxygen & nutrients, leading to inflammation & toxin build up in muscle tissue resulting in pain & altered or decreased range of motion. The primary purpose of massage is to work the muscle fibres of the body, releasing patterns of tension & toxin build up & replenish blood & oxygen supply to the area.

Massage takes away pain & increases the ease & freedom of movement. Depending on the nature & history of one’s problem or complaint, multiple massage treatments or a treatment combination may be required to reach your desired goal or outcome.

At Osteopathy CBD we believe the best Massage Treatment is one that is customised to suit the exact requirements for your health & wellbeing goals. We are happy to work with you to promote your happy active & energetic journey to celebrating & maintaining your healthy lifestyle.  Our therapists understand if you want a ‘regular treatment reward’ or a ‘simple once off treatment’ & will customise your Massage Treatment to deliver the best quality service to suit your needs. Massage Melbourne CBD bound.

Check out our ‘Massage Treatment Options’ & ‘Massage Treatment Prices & Packs’ below.

Massage Treatment Options

  • Remedial Massage:

Addresses specific problems associated with chronic muscular pain, injury rehabilitation, sporting & occupational injuries, repetitive strain injury (RSI), physical & mental fatigue. Remedial Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue & aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body, through slow strokes & deep pressure on the contracted areas.

  • Therapeutic Massage:

Restores & maintains health of the soft tissues structures of the body. Strong techniques are used to stimulate deeper tissues, stimulate circulation & regenerate lymphatic flow, promoting detoxification & oxygenation of stagnant tissues.

  • Relaxation Massage:

A soothing & revitalising massage which aims to help you relax & unwind. A combination of long flowing & sweeping strokes with light to moderate pressure & slowly applied firm pressure are used to improve circulation, joint range of motion, & relieve muscle tension.

  • Pregnancy Massage: 

A sensual & soothing massage for the mother to be, performed sidelying or with a pregnancy pillow lying face down. Aims to relieve the natural strains placed on the body during pregnancy & stimulate healthy circulation.  
  • Sports & Athletic Massage:

Reduces the strain & discomfort associated with intense physical activity. Pre-event & post-event massage aims to minimise the risk of injury or speed up the recovery process, respectively. Sports massage may incorporate advice on stretching & strengthening exercises.

  • Custom Delux Massage:

A combination of Relaxation, Therapeutic & Remedial Massage Techniques – prescribed for you – with our treatment recommendations based on your personal needs & goals.

Massage Treatment Prices & Packages

Massage Prices

“Refresh, simple once off treatment”

  • Massage (20 min)                      $ 50.00
  • Massage (30 min)                      $ 60.00
  • Massage (45 min)                      $ 75.00
  • Massage (60 min)                      $ 90.00
  • Massage (90 min)                      $ 150.00
  • Massage (120 min)                    $ 180.00

Enquire about our Massage Packages & Gift Vouchers Available

“Regular treatment rewards, all for you” or “Share & Save a pack amongst friends”

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Massage : Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions Massage Melbourne

Do I need a referral to have a Massage Consultation?

No, a referral is not necessary for Massage Treatment. However, you may require a referral if you wish to claim a rebate through Workcover or TAC – its always best to check with your GP & Case Manager to see if your eligible.

What do I need to bring to a Massage Consultation?

Simply yourself! If you supply us with your email address at time of booking, we can send our ‘client history & consent form’ so that you can complete & print them. This will maximise your massage treatment time by minimising time during your consultation filling out forms.

Feel free to bring along any other relevant letters from your GP or other treating Health Practitioners, or X-ray, MRI, CT or Ultrasound reports or images as this will assist us customise our service to you.

Can I claim Massage under my Private Health Insurance? Does Osteopathy CBD have HICAPS?

Yes. Bring your private health care card if you wish to claim Massage Treatment on your Private Health Care Cover on the spot with our HICAPS facility. Remember always check with your insurer if your unsure if you are covered for massage.

If you forget your card, don’t stress you can lodge your claim independently through your health care insurer.

Can I claim Massage under Workcover, TAC, Medicare or Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)?

Medicare does not rebate on massage therapy. Speak with your GP to check eligibility for rebates with Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) if applicable.

Speak to your GP & Case Manager about whether or not you may be eligible for Massage under your Workcover or TAC sustained injury. Rebates for Remedial Massage may be available ONLY with a referral from your General Practitioner & re-imbursement can be arranged from your insurer upon receipt of treatment from Osteopathy CBD.

Have another question you would like answered? Email us at & we will get back to you. If it is a question we are asked regularly we will add it this webpage! Thankyou for helping us improve our service.


Who can help you with Massage Treatment?

Melissa Decelis

Alicia Mynott

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